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About The Littlest Angel

          Founded in 1991, The Littlest Angel Bookstore is family owned. We have three generations of our family that have put our whole heart into this endeavor for the Lord. Angels are “Messengers of God”, and we have always thought of the Littlest Angel as “ministry of service” to our brothers and sisters. It is not a “business”, but an outreach of love. Our prayer is to be messengers of love in whatever way the Lord allows us.

 Our involvement in the Catholic Marketing Network, gives us access to products from the USA, Italy, Poland and other international vendors, selling thousands of products ranging from Religious books, jewelry, gifts, rosaries, holy cards, music, videos, children’s items, Baptism, Communion and Confirmation items. As well as, Church goods such as: Chalices, Clergy vestments, and furnishings.


       Over the years, our ministry has included numerous events such as the Camden Diocese Charismatic Conferences (October and January), Harrisburg Women’s & Men’s Conference, Padre Pio Festival, and other retreats, and church events.

Our customers are “family” to us. Spreading the Word of God and His Love for each one of His Children is in our daily focus with our “family of friends”. Our mission is to share and give back to our community in the ways the Lord leads us. 

Pictures, statues, and crosses are visual reminders of God’s love and mercy. Sharing experiences, prayer, and love with “our family” is our greatest joy. You have made the Littlest Angel a place of peace and hope.  We are blessed by everyone who comes through our door. Our hope is that this year may become a Year of Peace, Hope, and Joy of the Lord in all hearts!

Through Social Media, may God continue to bless all who search our webpage. Have fun exploring our many religious products!


     We all have a truly awesome Heavenly Father! We are all His Children. May you be blessed abundantly and may the Divine Will reign on earth as in Heaven!

 Be truly blessed and may we all see the Face of God in everyone! 


“Every time we let Jesus love others through us, it is Christmas” Mother Teresa

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