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Saint of the Day 9/14/21 Saint Albert of Jerusalem

Saint Albert of Jerusalem

Also known as

• Albert Avogadro • Albert of Acre


Born to a wealthy and promininent noble Italian family. Well educated, especially in theology and law. Ordained, he served as canon to Holy Cross Abbey in Mortara, Italy. Abbey prior. Bishop of Bobbio, Italy in 1184. Bishop of Vercelli, Italy. Mediated disputes between Pope Clement III and Frederick Barbarossa, and for his efforts was named Prince of the Empire. Papal legate to Northern Italy. Negotiated peace between Parma and Piacenza in 1199. Helped formulate the Rule for Saint Borcard and his hermits. This Rule later was adopted as the Rule for the Carmelites, and thus Albert is considered a co-founder of the order. Patriarch of Jerusalem in 1205 under Pope Innocent III, a position that generally led to conflict with the Muslims, and martyrdom. Since his lands were wholly in the hands of Saracens, he established his see city at Akka (Acre). Held the office nearly ten years. Well known for his involvement in both state and church matters, and as a peacemaker to the Frankish factions in his see. Summoned to serve in the General Council of the Lateran, but murdered before he could attend.


1149 at Parma, Italy as Albert Avogadro


• stabbed to death in the Church of Saint John of Acre on 14 September 1215 while part of the procession of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross • killed by a disgruntled hospital administrator he had been forced to fire

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