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Saint of the Day 9/22/21 Saint Ignatius of Santhia

Saint Ignatius of Santhia

Also known as

• Ignazio da Santhia • Lawrence Belvisotti • Lorenzo Maurizio Belvisotti • Maurice Belvisotti


Ordained in 1710 in the diocese of Vercelli, Italy. Parish priest for six years. He was offered a position of authority in the diocese, but declined, and on 24 May 1716 he became a novice in the Capuchins of Turin, Italy, taking the name Ignatius, and beginning 54 years of service in the Order.

He was under the direction of a novice half his age, which Father Ignatius accepted with humility. In 1717 he was assigned to the convent at Saluzzo, Italy, and served as sacristan. Novice master at Chieri, Italy. Sacristan at Capuchin Hill, Turin in 1723, a convent with 87 priests. Novice master at Mondovi from 1731 to 1744. An eye illness forced him to give up the position for nearly two years.

When he recovered he became head chaplain of the armies of the King of Piedmont who were fighting invading Franco-Hispanic forces. He was noted for his work in the field as minister, and with the injured. After the war he returned to life at Capuchin Hill where he served as confessor and religious instructor to lay brothers. In his later years he spent his days visiting the sick and the poor of Turin, and ministering to the thousands that came daily to Capuchin Hill for his blessing.


5 June 1686 in Santhià, Vercelli, Italy as Maurice Belvisotti


22 September 1770 of natural causes in Turin, Italy


19 May 2002 by Pope John Paul II at Rome, Italy

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