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Saint of the Day 9/20/21 Saint Eustachius

Saint Eustachius

Also known as

Eustace, Placidus


Pagan Roman general in the army of the emperor Trajan. Converted to Christianity following a hunting trip during which he saw a glowing cross between the antlers of a stag, after which he received a prophecy that he would suffer for Christ. He was baptized with his wife, Saint Theopistes of Rome and two sons, Saint Agapitus of Rome and Saint Theopistus of Rome, and given the name Eustachius.

Denounced as a Christian, he lost his property, was reduced to abject poverty, and Roman authorities took his wife and children. However, being a capable general, he was recalled to duty by Trajan to help repel barbarians from Rome, which he did. He and his family were reunited with the expectation they would sacrifice to idols in thanks for a military victory. When they refused, an enraged Hadrian ordered them thrown to the lions; the big cats played like kittens around them, so they were martyred together by being burned in a bronze bull. Eustachius is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.


as Placidas


cooked to death in a bronze bull in 188 in Rome, Italy


• difficult situations • fire prevention; against fire • firefighters • hunters, huntsmen, hunting • torture victims; against torture • trappers • diocese of Altamura-Gravina-Acquaviva delle Fonti, Italy • Madrid, Spain • Poli, Italy


• bull • crucifix • hunting horn • oven • stag

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