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Saint of the Day 8/2/21 Saint Eusebius of Vercelli

Saint Eusebius of Vercelli

Also known as

Eusebi, Eusebio, Eusebe, Euzebiusz, Euzebije


• 1 August (in the Piedmont region of Italy) • 15 December (consecration of Saint Eusebius)


Born to a pious family - his father died a martyrs when the Eusebius was small, he was baptized in Rome, Italy by Pope Saint Eusebius, his mother, Saint Restituta, died a martyr in her old age, and his sister Eusebia became a nun and mother superior of a monastery in Vercelli, Italy that Eusebius founded. Eusebius studied in Rome; one of his fellow seminarians was the future Pope Saint Liberius. Eusebius was ordained priest and lector in Rome. Chosen as the first bishop of Vercelli, Italy, he was consecrated on 16 December 340 by Pope Saint Julius I.

As bishop, Eusebius lived with and followed the same discipline as his priests. He attended the synod of Milan, Italy in 355. He was exiled for eight years by emperor Constantius to Palestine and Cappadocia for his strong opposition to Arianism; he spent part of the time in prison, and as soon as he returned, he began preaching against Arianism. Friend of Saint Athanasius of Alexandria, and attended a synod organized by him in Alexandria. A profilic writer according to his contemporaries, none of his works have survived. May have been martyred by Arians, but reports vary; many consider him a martyr as he may have died as a result of his sufferings in exile.


283 at Sardinia


1 August 371 in Vercelli, Italy


• Congregation of the Daughters of Saint Eusebius • Berzo Demo, Italy • Piedmont, Italy • Vercelli, Italy

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